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About AppleBuddy
AppleBuddy was established in 2005 under one principle; to provide the highest quality of customer service to its clients while delivering it in a friendly, calm professional manner. Since Apple Computers are the fastest growing brand in the Triangle computer community, AppleBuddy was started to offer a broad range of specialized services to my customers. By doing so, this guarantees that AppleBuddy can continue to provide the best customer service and knowledge to its many Apple clients across the Triangle and beyond! By offering specialized hours for my service, I want to set the benchmark for how support should be. This should be done in a face to face, knowledgeable, relaxed environment where I can not only service your needs, but also give my customers time to ask any questions. You will be able to learn about Apple solutions while I communicate with you in a personable, "non technical" way. AppleBuddy strives to break every problem down to whatever computing level of experience you have so you fully understand it. This is not a hassle for me, it is how support should be done! AppleBuddy has worked with hundreds of people and would be happy to give you references. Word of mouth is how I get most of my clients, which is the best compliment a business can get. I look forward to welcoming you into the AppleBuddy community!

Matthew Arion


       My two AppleBuddies

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