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While AppleBuddy may provide the best service and most knowledge to its clients, my rates I believe are very competitive for the Triangle. Don't be fooled by other companies offers of having the "lowest prices around" or "I'm the best in the Triangle". Lower prices and promises usually results in lower quality work and false promises. A great price comes with great service. In order to equally address each service needed, my fees are based on a flat hourly rate basis. AppleBuddy's rate schedule is below:


First Hour:


Every fifteen minutes past the first hour: $17.50

Adding up my total amount of jobs every year, I have found that each job takes roughly about 1.25 hours. This can vary though due to what is needed to be done at each visit.

AppleBuddy requires payment at time of services rendered and accepts PayPal, Venmo and checks. Please note that AppleBuddy will charge $35 for any checks that are returned. AppleBuddy does not prorate its hourly fees.


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